What’s in a name? We are now The Creative Center.

by Chip Bristol

When I graduated from college, I decided the time had come to change my name from my nickname, Chip, to my “real” name, Lee. I headed to the big city for my first job with my new pinstriped suit and formal name, but every time someone called me I looked around for my father. Within a month, I was Chip again and have been Chip ever since.

The experience taught me the importance of a name. Names can be used to impress, entertain, or describe, but in the end a name needs to fit.  We might rely on our name, polish it for all to see, or bang and scrape it up, but it is still our name. It captures who we are.

At the last Board of Directors meeting, we unanimously decided to change our name. It is a minor change, but an important one as well. When we were founded, we were known as The Sanctuary, a spirituality and creativity center, open to all people in hopes of providing a place of safety to live authentic lives. People slowly grew to love us, but they were always confused by the name. Was it a church or not?

When we returned to our original location, we changed the name to The Greensboro School of Creativity. Suddenly there was an explosion of interest and people throughout the city came to know about “this wonderful place with the long name.” There was still confusion, however. Was it a school? Is it only about creativity?

Our new Executive Director decided we needed to revisit our name and see if it still fit who we are and what we do. As expected, there were many opinions, but in the end we have a name that will fit us for a long time: The Creative Center.

True to our founding vision, we remain a spirituality and creativity center. We remain a place of safety. Now our name speaks of a place, where we live creatively, and seek our center.

The Creative Center. It says it all with very few words It will serve us well as we seek to help people find their creative center, but, most of all, it fits, and that’s what matters.

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