'Om' by GSC fine artist Karine Thoresen"Om" by GSC fine artist Karine ThoresenWhen someone mentions an art school, many people immediately merge traditional institutions of learning with art and envision classes with students diligently working at easels, playing instruments, or throwing pottery. Images of massage, Reiki, and meditation aren’t usually intertwined.

However, I could not imagine a more ideal setting for any wellness, healing arts, or healthcare practitioner than the Greensboro School of Creativity. At the core of the school are four essential elements: creativity, spirituality, recovery, and wellness. Having the four individual and separate elements here would suffice for most people. Yet, all four are intimately connected. They are aspects of the "One," the totality of our experience, which allows us to be well, healthy, and complete.

Wellness is not an end-state, but rather a process of growth and development that occurs throughout our lifespan on this planet. We were never meant to be "patients" or "clients" but "students" learning to become empowered in our own unique healing process.

It does not matter whether we choose an art class, dance, music, film, energy work, meditation, spirituality groups, recovery groups, or from the other myriad of classes and techniques offered here. They are all "one" anyway. What matters is that we choose, we act, and that action comes from our heart - the center place of our being where we and the creator are "one."

No, I could not imagine a more ideal setting for healing to occur than at the Greensboro School of Creativity.

In Loving Service,
Michael Gagliano OT/L, Rieki Master

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