Sinister Cinema 1932-1989 Film Series starts Saturday

Freaks showing Sept 24; Click for trailer.Since the dawn of cinema, horror films have consistently remained popular attractions. Playing on primal fears, while providing a safe and controlled space for their exploration, horror cinema also engages social and cultural issues, providing subtle and often allegorical commentary on contemporary problems, doubts and, of course, fears.  Join your host, Budd Wilkins, for Sinister Cinema 1932-1989, a new film series being held from 9-11 pm Saturdays, beginning September 24. Wilkins holds a masters in fine arts, and is a film critic and writer for Slant Magazine, an international online media publication which critiques all aspects of entertainment media. Budd, a member of the Greensboro School of Creativity, is an expert in horror, cult and art house films and has recently been published in The Acidemic Journal of Film and Media with an essay on Lars von Trier’s controversial film Antichrist.

Peeping Tom showing October 1; click for trailerAll of the films in the Sinister Cinema Film Series have been chosen not only because they are rollicking roller coasters of primal pleasure, terrifyingly good entertainment, but also because they speak to underlying issues in our psyches and social structure. From the freaks vs. “normals” social dynamic in the 1932 Freaks, to the religious manias and private perversions on display in the 1989 mindbender Santa Sangre these films are just as timely today as they were at the films’ initial releases.  Whenever possible, these films will be screened in glorious 1080p Blu-ray on the Greensboro School of Creativity's 120-inch screen.

The first offering in the series is Tod Browning's classic 1932 film, Freaks.  Browning, who also directed Dracula (1931), directs this notorious cult film, in which the true freaks are not the story’s real-life sideshow performers, but the so-called “normals” who ridicule and exploit them. A still shocking film of profound compassion and terror, Freaks was an influence on the photography of Diane Arbus, the 1960s counterculture (who self-identified as freaks) and the punk rock of The Ramones.  Gabba Gabba Hey!

The Sinister Cinema film series will run from 9-11 pm every Saturday night through December 3 (with the exception of November 26).

A $5 charge covers room rental; current members of the Greensboro School of Creativity receive a reduced admission rate of $4.  Come join us for a great way to kick off Autumn with Sinister Cinema.


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