Singer, Songwriter Aubrey Shamel Reflects on Her Connection with The Creative Center's Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night

by Aubrey Shamel

Singer/Songwriter will be a featured performer at The Creative Center's Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night on Friday, May 18, 2012.Musician Aubrey ShamelAubrey will be a Featured Performer at The Creative Center's 4th Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night. She will begin playing at 9pm. In her own words:

Last year at the East Coast Songwriter’s Conference I met John Paul McNeil. We knew nothing about each other except our shared love of songwriting.

Almost a year later I was invited by Kris Ferris to the Creative Center for an open mic showcase. I went with caution. I’m typically a little skittish about open mics. I didn’t know how serious or professional these guys would be. They were thinking the same about me.

I learned by performing there that in contrast to my original thoughts, the room was filled with phenomenal songwriters with much talent and experience. I believe I have established lifetime relationships.

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Aubrey Shamel is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Lewisville, North Carolina. Having rebelled against music lessons from the age of three, at ten her parents drug her to a fiddler’s convention in hopes that a love of music would rub off on her.  Realizing she could win a new guitar she walked onto stage covered in dirt, in her softball uniform, and belted Emmy Lou Harris’s rendition of Wayfaring Stranger. Taking first place and the jamming afterwards hooked Aubrey for life.  At 16, the softball coach she had when she was ten heard her perform and said “…whatever you do Aubrey, don’t come back to softball. “


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