MC John Paul McNeil reflects on the success of our first open mic night, "Showcase"

Featured Artist, Mike Garrigan Photo by Karine Thoresenby John Paul McNeil

The first "Showcase" Open Mic event Friday night at The Creative Center was well attended, had great performers, and went (considering it was the first) very smoothly. The time slots for performers were filled up in the first 20 minutes! The volunteers were plentiful, seemed to have a sense of what to do and when, and at all times were "on". There was good flow, and good fun. The audience was very supportive (and respectfully quiet during performances!), you could tell they were enjoying the creative original music.

John Paul McNeil & Sue SassmannExecutive Director Sue Sassmann had the place looking spiffy and welcoming. Kris Ferris ran the challenging sound duties with focused professionalism (and hardly got upset at all!). John Paul McNeil pulled off the MC'ing in his pleasantly goofy way. Highlight of the evening was the Featured Artist, Mike Garrigan (also on the board of the Center). Uniquely thoughtful, well-crafted and flawlessly presented original songs, evoking the late-great Michael Hedges at times, while maintaining his own always listenable singer-songwriter vibe. The vibe of the whole evening was original, fun, supportive, and uniquely entertaining.

Kudos all around to those who put it together, volunteered, performed, and attended. Next one Friday, March 16th. Be there. You will enjoy it. We sure did! More details will be published on our site soon.

Attendees enjoying the variety of performances at our first 'Showcase' Open Mic Night, February 24, 2012.Photo of Featured Artist, Mike Garrigan by resident artist Karine Thoresen.


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