Let the Community Drum & Flow Gathering Live On!

Photo taken by Jessica Katharsys.

written & made possible by Richard Hughes.

What do you think of when you hear the word "Community?" I am sure the word resonates with each of you and the answers, although many are similar in spirit. On June 20th, members of the drumming and flow communities came together and shared in the celebration of our AMAZING first gathering. More than 15 drummers shared the joy of rhythm with more than 30 flow artists including ecstatic dancers, poi spinners, staff spinners, hoop dancers. The response has been absolutely incredible...we heard the question, "when is the next one?!" so often that we came up with an answer: Wednesday, July 18th. And even better, we are in preliminary negotiations to turn this into a monthly event!

I am so grateful that the Creative Center offers us a place to create, play, practice, share and open ourselves up to become an even larger community of creative people. The first Drum and Flow event exceeded my expectations in every way and I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the outpouring of excitement, gratitude and willingness to become one by sharing positive vibrations, feelings of peace and comfort. To me, this is what community is and should be all about. Very much looking forward to sharing again with you on the 18th at 8:00pm.


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