House of Fools and Our Own House Band at 7th Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night on August 17

Screenshot of website for band 'House of Fools' to play at The Creative Center's Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night August 17, 2012House of Fools will play at The Creative Center August 17Don’t miss the next Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night, Friday, August 17th with performances beginning at 7:30pm. If you are a musician, singer or songwriter and would like to perform your original work, sign up begins at 7pm for a 15 minute slot.

We keep listening to your comments and doing the best we can to accommodate both open mic guests and featured performers equally. In that spirit, this month there will be 3 open mic slots between 7:30 - 8:15 pm, followed by the first featured artist at 8:30 pm (for 30 minutes). Following the first featured artist there will be 3 more open mic slots between 9:15 - 10:00 pm, after which the second featured artists of the night will also have a 30 minute set. Stick around till the end for what often turns into an open jam!

Featured Artists

At 8:30pm, House of Fools will take the Showcase stage for the first time ever. Enjoy 30 minutes of the well-crafted harmonies of this Rock/Indie/Americanana band..

The Creative Center's Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night founders and producers John Paul McNeil, Mike Garrigan & Kris Ferris, will be featured artists performing together for the first time as the 'House Band' on August 17.At 10:00pm The Creative Center House Band will also do a 30 minute set. The originators of our Showcase open mic event, John Paul McNeil (MC), Kris Ferris (sound engineer) & Mike Garrigan (recording engineer), will break out of their traditional Showcase roles and entertain the crowd by offering up music they have each written separately in this, their first performance on stage together. All three are seasoned professionals, musicians, songwriters & multi-instrumentalists who have worked in the music industry for decades. We appreciate their love of music that has brought a new dimension to The Creative Center.

Our Showcase Gallery is the perfect setting for an evening out -- refreshments available for purchase & BYOB. No cover charge!

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