Honoring 88 year old artist, Leigh Rodenbough, with a reception Thursday, May 31

May is Older Americans Month and the Creative Aging Network-NC (CAN-NC) along with The Creative Center invite you to join us as we honor 88 year old artist Leigh Rodenbough with a reception Thursday, May 31 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at The Creative Center's first floor Showcase Gallery at 900 Sixteenth Street, 1.5 miles from Moses Cone Hospital.

Paintings by artist Leigh Rodenbough on exhibit in The Creative Center's Showcase Gallery.

On aging and the creative process...

The great tool of the visual artist is his memory bank of experience lodged in his brain. Artistic imagination feeds on memories, flashes of which often come back outside the box of initial activity. Each painting then is a scientific experiment, drawing from mysterious selection from that memory bank. Sparked by these memories, ideas come forth, such that each purposeful stroke of the brush carries the desired structure, color and light to our creation. We surprise ourselves. It is as if an unknown force has taken over our body, moving hand in a new rhythm. What delight! We grow new, overcoming age, though bones may otherwise limit physical activity. Age offers a great gift, recollection, reviewed in the experience of artistic re-creation. (Excerpts from Leigh's new book "Timeless Reflections")

For more information:

please contact Lia Miller at lia@cca-nc.org or 336-253-0856.
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