Click to view full sized flyer.A new session of The Write Motivation began yesterday, and will meet for six weeks every Tuesday night at The Creative Center, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. The class is open to writers of all levels and offers tips and techniques for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Once again we had an incredible group of people join us.

This is the perfect class for anyone who:

  • Has a passion for writing
  • Has been afraid to write or to call or consider themselves a writer
  • Stops and starts writing in fits
  • Has numerous ideas but doesn’t know how to sort them out or where to begin
  • Gets bored or frustrated in the middle of a writing project and drops it for the next great new idea
  • Wants to write a novel, blog, article, or e-book
  • Is nervous about attending a writing course and needs a supportive environment

Our last session was filled to capacity and class members went on to form their own writers critique group once the series ended. Below is a blogroll from our most recent group of graduates.

The sessions are informative yet casual, with plenty of time for student/instructor interaction (and lots of laughter). There is no mandatory reading aloud or sharing of your work.

Don’t let fear and doubt stop you from pursuing a dream. If you’ve always wanted to write, we invite you to join us. 

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Instructors: Dena Harris – and Chris Laney –

Blogroll For Write Motivation Graduates:

Kim Williams – and
Rich Schlentz -
Vikki Spencer -
Michael Wells, Jr. -
Linda Stansbury -

by Dena Harris


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