Hanging the Hall Walls with Artwork at The Creative Center

by Phyllis Sharpe and Alice Bachman

Executive Director, Susan Sassmann lends a hand as Phyllis Sharpe and Alice Bachman hang art on the second floor of The Creative Center in February, 2012 Every other month finds us sorting through a hundred or so pieces of artwork--paintings, photography, sculpture, etc., to enhance the hallways of the second and third floors at The Creative Center. We volunteered our help for this task when Susan Sassman came on board as Executive Director of the center, the beginning of the year.

Tenant artists are asked to bring six to eight pieces of their work to a holding room a few days before we begin hanging. The fun begins as we start hanging the pieces together in the hallways. Somehow, it all works out, whether pieces are hung by color, style, size or genre. We ask that artwork that isn’t used in that particular month be brought back for the next hanging.

Phyllis Sharpe hanging art at The Creative Center in May, 2012

Although it takes at least two days to finish the job, it’s satisfying to see the end result which shows the variety of work that goes on at The Creative Center, where there are so many talented artisans.


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