Donate for a chance to win a session at Two Egrets Media & Recording, donated by Mike Garrigan, performing Friday at 10pm

You have a chance to win a 4-hour recording session at Two Egrets Media & Recording; drawing at The Creative Center's Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night, Friday, May 18, 2012.One lucky musician is about to go home with a four-hour recording session through Two Egrets Media & Recording. In conjunction with the fourth Showcase of Original Music Open Mic Night this Friday, May 18, we will be holding a drawing for just such a prize. Mike Garrigan, a long-time member of The Creative Center family, has donated the session as a part of our fundraising efforts.

The name of everyone who makes a donation to The Creative Center Friday night (or before Friday, if you aren't able to attend,) will be put into a drawing. Sometime during the second half of the evening's performances, a name will be drawn. The winner will be able to schedule a recording session right here in Greensboro.

Even if you're not a musician, if someone you care about is, this is a phenomenal opportunity to share something exciting with them. The photo seen here has been visible at various places around The Creative Center for several weeks now, but we hope to spread the word even more fully between now and Friday night. Please think of all the talented musicians you know in the Triad area (or who would be willing to travel to Greensboro for the session, should they win,) and let them know about this opportunity.

Click here for more information about this monthly Showcase of Original Music Open Mic night.

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Mike Garrigan will play on Friday night at 10pm as one of our night's featured artists. Although he is a consistent favorite with music lovers within our community, we'd like to introduce you to this talented musician if you haven't yet had the pleasure of hearing him perform:


Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan began playing music professionally in 1993. On the NC coffee shop circuit, he wrote and developed the albums Building a Hole (1994) and The Lessons of Autumn (1996).

In 1997, he formed the band Collapsis and was signed to Cherry Entertainment/Universal Records shortly thereafter. In 2000, Collapsis released the critically acclaimed album Dirty Wake, featuring the #28 Modern Rock Billboard song "Automatic."

In 2001, Collapsis disbanded. Then, Mike joined up with NC natives Athenaeum and performed as a touring guitarist until 2004. In the interim, Mike released the Promise of Summer (2002) and an EP called MG4: Gravity Affects Me (2004).

In 2005, Mike recorded and released a solo acoustic show (on CD/DVD), Live at the Evening Muse. This sold-out show captures the kinship and fan-enthusiasm that is native to Mike's music and performances. Shows are less like shows and more like a gathering of old friends, who happen to "simply love Mike's music."

In 2007, Mike built a recording studio. His musical efforts shifted from mere performing to engineering, producing and developing upcoming artists. Two Egrets Media & Recording is booked almost every day of the week,

In 2009, Mike returned to writing and recording his own music. Voyage of the Malamander is a stripped back album, a record that Mike refers to as his "creepy mandolin record." Consisting of vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, and a tom-tom drum. Malamander is a stripped back set of well crafted tunes.

In 2011, Mike completed his fifth solo album, The Return of Spring. A sixth solo album is in the works for a fall 2012 release.

Mike also enjoys writing songs for television, commercials, and movies.

Streaming Music:

The Return of Spring
Voyage of the Malamander
Live at the Evening Muse

YouTube clips:

Another Day in Paradise
Rusted Radio



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