Collaborative art-making sessions for raffle bring many more benefits than meet the eye

Have you ever pondered what it's like for one person to conceive, then realize a vision on canvas in their own time and space? Now, picture four different people coming together and blending their disparate artistic approaches on one canvas, together. This is what has been happening at The Creative Center recently. The mood and energy that emerged in the first experimental session sparked something within the collective imagination, which produced the first finished painting the very next week, and provided the impetus for more. Riding on that momentum, new pieces are in process and being planned.

The results of these collaborations are then put up for raffle to benefit The Creative Center. But the rewards of these gatherings are multi-faceted. Members are getting to know other members they might not have otherwise spent much time with. People who don't identify themselves as artists are welcomed into the groups and are allowing themselves to explore creativity in a relaxed, communal atmosphere. In ways they never envisioned, members are making connections, sharing ideas, pushing boundaries, and in the process, strengthening community.

The featured video highlights the process that yielded the first completed painting, which was raffled off On April 20 at the third Open Mic Night. Giggling when we'd finished, member artist Phyllis Sharpe declared, "We have to call it A.D.D." And so we did. Appropriately enough, the woman who won that first piece had emphatically  declared "I'm going to own that painting!" when she first laid eyes on it. Subsequent paintings were raffled off at the Open House the next day, to equally happy recipients.

In coming weeks, additional groups of center members will gather to make new pieces of art, and those pieces will also be raffled at future showcase events. Even as we move forward, we're excited about where the process could lead.

We invite you to be a part of these collaborative interactions, encouraging the participation of all members, professional or otherwise. Here's your chance to delve into something purely experiential, and have fun in the creative process. Sound interesting? This link is the door to that world.

We'd like to acknowledge the artistic contributions of those who participated in creating the first finished pieces, whether through painting, photographing, or filming the process: Karine Thoresen, BethAnn Russell, Phyllis Sharpe, Alice Bachman, Jack Stone, Melody Watson, Valeria Elliott, Santiago Elliott, and Steve Brenneis.


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