Small, spontaneous pre-show jam session.The Showcase Gallery and Cafe has grown a lot over the past three months.

At first, we were a mere open mic for local original music. We set up a stage in the first floor "big room" at the Creative Center. That particular space had been used as both a cafeteria and multipurpose room in a former life. During our first event, the walls were cold cinderblock and could have used a little lightening up.

Over the next few months, the space slowly transformed into an art gallery. Beautiful paintings from the tenants at the Creative Center now grace the newly painted walls. Warm, natural halogen light replaced cold fluorescent beams. On the far section of the gallery is a space for artwork from the surrounding community. It's a showcase if there ever was one.

During the evening of April 20, 2012, we hosted out third open mic night. I sat among the fifty person crowd and enjoyed a wide variety of music. Aubrey Shamel, a 16 year old songwriter, dazzled us all with her talent. Go West, our featured artist, entertained us with their original country tunes. David Reavis, the night's best bet, was a pleasant imaginary meeting of Jim Croce and acoustic riff metal.

I'll return as a featured artist with Aubrey Shamel on Friday, May 18, 2012. I look forward to the ways in which our event and space will grow.  Please join us.

Mike Garrigan

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