Recently, someone asked me to explain the Greensboro School of Creativity. Not wanting to give some long, drawn-out description, I simply said: “It’s a divine fabric of chaos.” Although intended to be humorous, it’s also the best description of this place I’ve come up with.

Depending on the time of day, you can walk the halls and smell incense coming from a meditation group, hear guitar music from a studio, and see smock-clad painters chatting and painting beside one another. In one classroom you might hear someone giving a speech in our public speaking class, while in another see people moving in a Nia or yoga class. In the workroom a group of women are assembled planning a film series for our film room specifically designed for their unique journey.

But how does all if it fit together?

On the surface doesn’t. The chaos of everyone doing his or her own thing leaves me dizzy, but, as I live among the chaos, I sense the individual strands of fabric weaving a remarkable garment. When placed along side one another, there appears a pattern or design impossible alone.  Layer upon layer, it all just seems to come together. What is particularly striking is that it’s no one person’s doing, no one person’s idea. Someone greater than any one of us, a master artist, must be behind it all. Unlikely elements are brought together into a unified landscape like the ocean and mountains on the west coast, or the lions, giraffes, and wildebeests of the Serengeti plain. It all holds together in a magical, profound, or divine way pointing beyond any one member to the force behind it all.

I suppose the Greensboro School of Creativity is similar to our individual lives in that way. We, too, have moments or people in our lives that make little or no particular sense when standing alone, but, when placed beside one another, a pattern emerges that only leaves us to marvel and give thanks.

Divine fabrics of Chaos one and all. Thanks be to God.

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